"If we confined ourselves to terms that referred directly or centrally to the physical object we would be confined to concepts like large, flat, pigments on panel, red and yellow and blue, perhaps image. We would find it hard to locate the sort of interest the picture really has for us. We talk and think 'off' the object rather as an astronomer looks 'off' a star, because acuity or sharpness are greater away from the centre."

-Michael Baxandall, Patterns of Intention

I'm never sure if I am a photographer, yet I work solely with photography. Its complex relationship with art and commerce, its democratic nature, and its proliferation throughout society in a multitude of forms are what keep me actively engaged with the photographic image. Perhaps I am a photographer at some level, but I've never been able to define where I stand in relation to the medium. I'm constantly shifting my position...or maybe it is. I think 'off' the photograph in hopes that the image becomes clearer.


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